A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Enter the Glass Trap. A 90's throwback arcade shooter.

Play solo or with a friend and clear out the the floors of the Agent scum!

Rescue the fair maiden atop the glass trap, before she overdoses on illegal drugs obtained from rogue agents!


-a dynamic soundtrack with varying post effects

-bad AI, but still better than BF4

-cult 90s characters

-90s arcade scanlines!

-single player and local multiplayer



single player: wasd and q to shoot. Or grab a gamepad: "a" to jump and right trigger to shoot.. Use the left triggers to toggle scanlines.

multiplayer: player on the left plays with the gamepad, player on the right uses wasd +q.

The last man standing, or the first to reach the fair maiden wins. Worth noting: you will also lose if you don't make haste and go below the lower border of the screen.



the first file Glasstrap Win64.zip from 07-08-2016 is the version from the gamejam. Download the other Win64 zip (GlassTrap 091 Win64.zip)dated 11-08-2016 for the updated version.

Install instructions

Very work in Porgress as expected: Made at the Slavic Game Jam 2016 and my first gamejam at that.



Unpack the zip and run the exe.

Unfortunately had no way of testing mac version-nonetheless build added.


Just threw in a post gamejam update. Lots of fixes but still buggy.

New levels, shell casings with physics, ragdoll for enemies, new post effects, highscore and variable resolution scaling by pressing "1" or "2" on the keyboard.


Glasstrap Win64.zip 63 MB
GlasstrapOSx64.zip 71 MB
GlassTrap 091 Win64.zip 64 MB

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